Moodulmaja LAEV

Moodulmaja LAEV



The SHIP is a compact detached house suitable for suburban environments as well as for the countryside. Its spaces provide comfort and economy. Large windows allow natural light to enter the building while the upper floor, most likely used as a sleeping room, is like a captain’s deck with its large wooden balcony and great views over the surrounding landscape. The SHIP is available as a modular system in three different sizes and is almost entirely prefabricated, which makes it easy to quickly deliver to the client. When the captain seeks new territories, the ship can be moved cost-effectively. The construction materials are standard- and glue-laminated timber and plywood. The modules are in a standard building material dimensions resulting in a minimimum of builiding waste. The SHIP was designed also in a pitced roof version, with only slight differences in plan the house is named BIRD. The house is prefabricated in Estonia and is available for shippment across Europe ( Net floor area S=53m2, M=74m2, XL=113m2 Photo credits Sergei Zjuganov The Ship copyright Kauss Arhitektuur OÜ

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