Jüri health centre and central area

Jüri health centre and central area



In building process.

Jüri's new central area will be situated among its existing residential areas and surrounded by the Jüri-Aruküla road, the Lehmja oak groves and the quarter’s streets and residences. The immediate perimeter of the central area being designed will be the main road and a light traffic road, Rebase and Laste streets, and a new development to be constructed that will separate the central area from residential buildings.

There will be a trajectory along Apteegi Street, in front of the projected new development, for pedestrians and light traffic, joined by small areas at the entrances to the buildings. The internal axis of the central area will join the main traffic road at Laste Street.

Apteegi Street will expand in front of the future municipal building and this will create a central square, delineated by flag poles and (during the season) Christmas trees; it will have enough space to hold events and gatherings.

The central square will be surrounded by an organic park environment with benches, loungers, landscaping and footpaths. The landscaping of the central park will be versatile, dense and verdant so that people can enjoy lush greenery in the centre of town.

In front of the planned public building a sports area for skaters and BMX riders will adjoin the park.

The buildings will join the square via a projected construction line, but the square can be improved depending on the function of the buildings, the placement of the entrances, etc.

The health centre building will be the first of the town centre's new constructions and will set the scene for the rest of the development.

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