Apartment building Two Faces

Apartment building Two Faces

Apartment building


Niine 7, Tallinn, Kalamaja

The property at Niine 7 has two faces: the familiar Kalamaja face overlooking the street; and the elemental side facing Kotzebue Street. Thus the new apartment and commercial building at Niine 7 earned the name Two Faces. The facade (Gentleman) facing Niine Street seeks to blend in with the traditional building volumes and leave a noble impression, whereas the side facing the courtyard (Vagabond) is less reserved and more carefree, representing a rich and diverse inner world. In this world lives the Kalamaja punk, with ripped jeans, broken wheelbarrows, old men in windows smoking a pipe and the Estonian Academy of Arts in the background – which is where the future resident of Niine 7 can tear off their mask and feel totally free.

Client - Lumi Capital

Builder - Mitt & Perlebach
Co-author - Urmo Mets