Terraced house "Forecourt girls"

Terraced house "Forecourt girls"

Apartment building


Paruni 4, Ülenurme municipality, Tartu County

The project’s name, 'Forecourt girls', reflects a desire to design the front of the building as an attractive and public space encouraging conversation, as opposed to an internal courtyard. What child wouldn't want to play in such a space with their neighbour?

The facade accentuates the idea of public and private sides – at the front the cladding does not follow the lines of the apartments, whereas in the back every apartment is privately framed.

Good interior lighting is crucial. The kitchen, situated at the centre of the house, gets added brightness from a skylight, while the stairwell is lit by a roof window. The bedrooms can easily be divided in two with a light wall.

Contractor/builder - Artehouse OÜ

Photos - Kaido Haagen
Co-author - Urmo Mets