Stagnation Lab Bureau

Stagnation Lab Bureau

Interior design


The office is located in Tartu, in a new office building that was built in same timeframe with the office. The client is a youthful technology company, developing software and hardware solutions, and they have their own lab for testing and prototyping. The open office layout was chosen to encourage teamwork. The shape of the floor plan offered a possibility to put the main resting and working areas apart from each other,  each to the other end of the office and therefore prevent concerns of acoustics and visual disturbance from arising. Closed rooms are collected to a straight front, creating a fascade, which is aslo the main dominant of the design. Using plywood and wool fabrics, adds a down-to-earth quality to the space. The color scheme was inspired by the company-s color-rich visual identity.

Builder: KRC

Furniture producer: Enimeo

Photos: Terje Ugandi