Jüri centre and health centre

Jüri centre and health centre



3rd prize

At first glance it seems there is nothing more to Rae municipality and the area surrounding Jüri than the highway and industrial park. The industrial park that boosted the area's development forms its visual image. But with the positive values of this image come noise, dust and a car-centric space. It is difficult to associate these factors with a good living environment. However, upon closer inspection one finds that Rae municipality has a lot of history and exciting values: ancient settlements, beautiful scenery, the unique Lehmja oak grove, Jüri church and more. The winning design aims to strengthen the region's identity by highlighting Jüri's most characteristic sight – Lehmja oak grove. New oak trees will be planted around the grove in the coming years. Single trees and groves around the new Jüri centre will create a clear identity for the area. The local community and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to plant trees outside of the competition area as well. The new centre will be surrounded by an oak-wood park.

  • Valuing the phenomenological/perceptual peculiarities of the place;
  • A building volume that enhances the feeling of locality;
  • Emphasising the surrounding environment and trees indoors.