Ristiku 24, Tallinn

Ristiku 24, Tallinn

Apartment building


Ristiku 24, Tallinn

Near Telliskivi, on the corner of Ristiku and Härjapea streets, is an apartment building which consists of apartment volumes divided in two, joined by a parking level. Due to the small size of the plot the main yard area is a shared terrace on top of the parking level. The red tone of the shared space contrasts the neutral exterior finish, marking it as an area for open discussion. In creating this shared space we were thinking of Kalamaja, Telliskivi and pop-settlement culture.

As the detailed plan set some restrictions it was a challenge finding simple and functional solutions in the design process, such as a good layout for the small apartments and naturally occurring ventilation on the parking level.

Builder - 1Partner

Photos - Kaido Haagen
Co-author - Urmo Mets

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