Vana-Kalamaja 21a commercial and apartment building

Vana-Kalamaja 21a commercial and apartment building

Apartment building


Vana-Kalamaja 21a, Tallinn, Kalamaja

The architectural idea here was to create a neutral building that fitted in with the area's different-looking buildings. Neighbouring on one side is a functionalist building from the 1930s, while on the other are traditional gable-roofed wooden houses.

The detailed planning required that the building’s roof be at an angle of 0-15 degrees. To better connect the overall volume with the traditional gable roofs we used slight angle-folding for the roof.

The materials used hint at the context, as the adjacent house is adorned with terrazzo and the neighbourhood has Soviet-era apartment buildings made from silicate.

Client/contractor - Hausers OÜ

Photos - Kaido Haagen
Co-author - Urmo Mets

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